I ain’t no Superwoman

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Hey you, you whose calendar is always full, you who run from place to place with no time for yourself and still manage to stay alive, how do you do it?!

I’ve been doing that for a few weeks now and I feel so dead. Dead. Like Dead dead. Even though, all the things I’ve done have been fun and I’ve enjoyed doing them. It’s just.. I happen to be that kind of person who needs time for herself, time for doing literally nothing, time for no plans. Otherwise I burn out very fast and lose interest in everything. Even the fun things become something I’d rather not do. And that right there really is sad to me, because when I’m with people I want to be there, not just physically but mentally as well, not yawning and thinking of where I need to be next.

Too much is too much, for all of us and I think it’s good to know where your personal line goes. It’s okay to say you can’t, it’s okay to say you need to just be. It’s okay to every now and then admit you can’t handle all of it, know that also super people need to charge their batteries.

So now it’s time for a few days time out, getting rid of the massive lack of sleep, wandering in the woods, breathing fresh air, writing, living in the moment and just being. And if anybody asks if I have plans for Mayday: No, no I don’t. And that, right now, is terrific music to my ears.

Enjoy the weekend peeps.


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