Where You’re Now is Where You’re Supposed to Be

Sometimes I feel like everyone else is doing great things with their life; educating themselves, catching dreams, buying their very own apartment and so on…

Then there’s me, running in a hamster wheel, not moving forward.

Well I mean, there’s no denying the truth: I’m doing none of the things I just listed above and thinking about that does make me feel less about myself.

BUT when I actually started comparing my life nowadays to my life a few years back, I came to realize that I HAVE taken steps forward in my life. I have taken steps forward from the time I cried on New Year’s Eve at home thinking I’m literally nothing, scared to even go ask for a job from anywhere because in my mind I would, of course, get rejected and as soon as I would walk in everyone would think ”No, she’s definitely not getting a job from here.” To be perfectly honest with you there were times when I didn’t want to know what tomorrow will bring.

However, giving up has never been an option for me and it shouldn’t be for anyone. Because we’re always moving forward. No matter how small your steps are, you’re still taking steps. Today’s step can be just sending the job application you have been hesitating with for a while now or buying the damn plane ticket.

We all walk our own kind of path, so instead of concentrating on what we haven’t accomplished yet we should concentrate on the things we HAVE accomplished and stop comparing ourselves to others. For example, I may not be in school yet, but at least I have a full time job and it’s the kind of job I had always wanted – that’s something I can give myself applause for.

So don’t think of what everyone else is doing and what you ”should” be doing, listen to your heart and know when it’s the right time for YOU.

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2 thoughts on “Where You’re Now is Where You’re Supposed to Be

  1. Muistin parin viikon tauon jälkeen tulla kurkkaamaan taas. Onneksi tulin, kirjoitat todella hyvin!! Pystyn samaistumaan niin moneen kohtaan ettet uskokaan. Etenkin tää postaus meni luihin ja ytimiin, kiitos ❤️


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