Day Off Talk

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Today has been a perfect chill day! Exactly what I needed after working seven days in a row. I have been just enjoying myself and good food such as these sweet potato burgers I just had for dinner. Sometimes it’s nice to cook something a bit fancier, even just for yourself. This was my first time making them and I think I did great! Healthy, yet so delicious. By the way, the sauce is non-dairy as well. It’s made of soy yogurt, chili and garlic.

One other thing I did today was that after years I took my first photos with a real camera which I had turned my back to after getting my first iPhone. It’s so easy to just capture moments with a phone and not have to drag this huge thing with me everywhere. But now that I have found it again, I’m full of inspiration and just loving the quality of the pictures.

Here lately I have been craving for a new camera, but I think it doesn’t make sense to buy a new one yet since my old one is working just fine and like I said I haven’t been using it for a while. It’s time to show myself that if I had a new camera I would actually use it and not leave it again because it’s just too big. So from now on I hope you won’t see only iPhone photos on here.

Now this girl is going to take a warm shower and get ready for bed, because tomorrow my alarm will once again go off at 4.30 am. Nighty night lovelies!

A Yummy Smoothie Recipe for Fall

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I haven’t been a huge fan of blueberry smoothies, but yesterday I accidentally succeeded on making one just by throwing into the blender everything I thought would go well together. I used the same exact recipe this morning as well and I thought I’d share it with you guys too!

You’ll need…

A banana
some frozen blueberries
protein powder
green powder
soy yogurt (or any other yogurt)
and chia seeds

Then just simply mix them all together and put whatever you want on the top! I like to use peanut butter. It’s delissshhhh!


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Happy Fri… Oh wait… It’s actually kinda Wednesday-ish for me, since I work over the weekend. Today we said goodbye (not forever!!) to one of the best work buddies ever! Not an easy task to do and I feel like I don’t even fully realize yet that we won’t be seeing her sunny face everyday anymore, she won’t be there to play all the Finnish songs I’m tired of hearing or telling me how much she’s craving for something yummy to eat or making that funny sneaky smile which always made me laugh… One of the best things about her is that she’s always truly happy for others and now I’m happy for her. I feel so lucky to have the best people to work with. One of the best of the best is gone now which does make me feel super empty. I’m thankful for the memories I got to share with her though; all the crazy laughs and silly moments as well as the bad days when we always found a way to cheer each other up. Now she has new adventures ahead and I wish her all the best! Hope to see you soon Kartsu!💕

Happy Days

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Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do and that’s pretty much how I spent my weekend – doing nothing. Just grocery shopping, one horrible photographing session in the woods (read: I walked there with a dress on. And if that didn’t look funny enough it for sure looked quite hilarious after I started escaping all the ants that tried to bite my feet. Yuck. I ended up just leaving.) On Sunday evening we visited my grandmother’s summer cottage. It was my first (and unfortunately probably last) time there this summer and I’m super glad we went. Boy, I was SO relaxed after sauna, swimming in the lake and food, of course. Need more extempore trips like this one!

The Granny Life Talk

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The city of Tampere seems to be full of young festival people this weekend. Am I the only one who is not a huge music festival fan?! I feel like I have always been a bit different from others since I don’t tend to fill my calendar up with different festival dates during summer time. I’d thousand times rather choose a cozy evening at home or even a work evening than partying among bunch of drunk people. Here’s a fun fact about me: I have never really been in a night club or a bar. I turned 18 as I was an exchange student in Texas and like we all know in the USA one is not allowed to drink before turning 21. So no alcohol for me which was perfectly fine with me since I don’t care for it too much anyways. Even after my exchange year there has’t come a day when I would have wanted to go to a club so in that case, why even go? I usually am about to go to sleep around the time people start their crazy nights out. I know, I sound like a granny, haha. I’m very satisfied with my granny life though, at least with the fact that it includes no hangover and lack of sleep I have too often anyway. Oh my goodness, I really was full of joy yesterday morning when I woke up and realized that for the first time for a week I had gotten full eight hours of sleep and I got to say goodbye to the zombie life I had been living for the past week due to not being one of those who fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes and having to wake up early in the mornings. However, even the granny needs some craziness in her life every now and then and I gotta say that those 2 am iHOP dates with him this summer were one of the best memories I got on my trip to the USA this summer.

Next week will be all about working so now I’m just waiting for this up coming weekend just so I get to relax at home and do nothing! Have a great weekend peeps 🎉

In Memory of summer 2017

Kotiterassilla istuskelua vÀhissÀ vaatteissa, paljain varpain, jo laskevan auringon lÀmmittÀessÀ kasvoja vihreyttÀÀn hehkuvien puiden lomasta. Auringonottoa aina aamupÀivÀstÀ iltapÀivÀÀn, voimatta olla haistamatta juuri leikatun nurmikon raikasta tuoksua. VirkistÀvÀssÀ tihkusateessa juoksentelua kaupungilla, metsÀstÀen tulevalle ylioppilaalle pukua. JuhlienjÀrjestelyn hulinaa ja loistokkaan juhlapÀivÀn odottelua, vaikka itse ei olisikaan juhlakalu. Kovaa vauhtia lÀhestyvÀ matka, jota on odottanut niin, ettei meinaa saada öisin unta tai pÀivisin pystyÀ keskittymÀÀn. Kutkuttavaa jÀnnityksen ja hyvÀnolon tunnetta.

KesÀ. Sinua on odotettu. Et ole koskaan, ikinÀ, tuntunut nÀin hyvÀltÀ. Kiitos, ettÀ olen vihdoin tÀÀllÀ.

Sitting on the home patio with bare feet, letting the sun kiss my face as it’s going down behind the trees that glow in their greeness. The smell of fresh cut grass in the air. Sunbathing from midday till afternoon. Running down the streets in refreshing summer rain, looking for a new suit for the soon-to-be graduate. Nervously waiting for the graduation day, even though it won’t be my own. The day that has made it difficult to concentrade on anything for the past few months will soon be here. I’ll be getting on the plane and head to the other side of the world… My stomach is filled with butterflies because I just c-a-n-n-o-t  w-a-i-t!!

Summer. I have been waiting for you. I have never ever needed you like I needed have you this year. Thank you for (finally) being here.


I wrote the Finnish version of this in May but never ended up publishing it. Now that the summer is slowly (fast in Finland…..) coming to its end I wanted to remind myself of the excitement I had before the summer had truly started and publish the thoughts for you guys to see.

This summer has gone by fast, but in all honesty, even though this summer, especially my trip to the USA, has been great I’m kind of ready for it to be over, bacause guess who is already waiting for the next summer?!? Lol, I clearly am not the master of living in the moment…
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Thoughts on Social Media

I have always loved to share my life on social media, especially on Instagram. That’s my thing, my hobby, such as photographing and writing. Instagram can be both of those two combined. Sometimes I share a picture with a caption which may or may not be personal to me. Sometimes I only post a picture if I don’t happen to be in the mood for sharing anything deeper than that.

My pictures are all about normal things like food, nice views, nature in general, my boyfriend, just me etc. So nothing shocking can be found there. However, a few days ago something hit me and I began to wonder if I actually still share too much or too often.
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It’s weird that someone can just go through your social media and know a lot about you and your life just based on that. It’s weird when you hear that someone you barely know has asked something you find very personal from your friend. I know people tend to be curious, I’m curious as well, but I guess I just never thought anyone would be curious about me.

For example, I used to share a lot of pictures of my boyfriend and my relationship in general and I still kinda do, because I mean, even though he lives across the world, he has always been a big part of my life so to me it would be weird if I never posted anything about him since I post so often. However, I don’t want people to be able to read my social media like an open book and that’s why before the last time I have seen him I for a long time considered if I even want to post pictures of us anymore. Like I said it would be weird to me if I never posted pics of him so after all I ended up sharing pictures of us, but it no longer was something I took for granted. This time I really had to give thought to it.
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I’m not writing this because I’m hurt or upset about something and this is not just my way to tell everyone to mind their own business, because we all have hard time minding our own business sometimes, don’t we? It just basically is something I have been thinking about here lately and I wanted to share my thoughts with y’all. Also, the matter of how much we want to share ourselves on social media really is something we all should every now and then give thought to. Because like we all know; once you post something online, it can stay there forever.

In This World You Have To Be Everything

…Yes be everything. Even if you don’t want to be. Or at least you have to find a way to prove you’re great without it. Be the perfect student in the perfect school, be the perfect mom with the perfect family in the perfect little home, the 24/7 perfect girlfriend or boyfriend, have the perfect body that fits perfectly in the little box of what the society thinks is perfect. Be the perfect employee moving up all the time, be the perfect human being living the perfect life. And if you’re not (or at least it doesn’t seem like it to others) I’m sorry honey… You are screwed.
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Screwed, because this world today, doesn’t understand that not everyone wants to be ”perfect”. And by perfect I mean what most people consider perfect. The word perfect means so many different things to different people. You may pity someone who cleans as their job, but have you ever asked them if they are happy? How they feel about it? Because to them it may just be the perfect job. You may wonder what’s going on with your neighbour since he/she clearly has gained some weight. ”They must be miserable, maybe something has happened to make them eat more than they should, have they looked in the mirror here lately…?” you think to yourself, but has the thought of them actually being comfortable in their skin ever crossed your mind? Maybe they just decided to loosen up a little bit, realized that you don’t have to stress about every bite and you can still be happy – better yet, even happier.
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At the beginning of this post I said ”Or at least you have to find a way to prove you’re great without it.” What did I mean by that? Let me tell you… Let’s say you don’t have that ”perfect” job. You have to make that up in other areas of life. You have to prove that you may not have the perfect job and get paid the most BUT you’re the perfect mom, so that everyone starts paying more attention to your parenting skills rather than your career.
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But who do we actually need to prove anything to? Isn’t it good enough that we feel happy with our OWN LIVES. Who cares if someone else has an issue with your life or choices. (That even sounds funny when you say it outloud.) Be you, make your choices, with your life. Now, I think it’s clear enough that we all have some rules and laws to follow, so it’s not like I’m telling everyone to robber a bank, but you got my point right?

Make your life perfect for you.

Somewhat Lonely

I am pleased to see that so many new people have found my blog and shown interest! ❀
I also have learned that some of my American friends and family are interested in reading my posts so from now on I think I’ll write more stuff in English as well. And by the way, if any of you ever have a blogpost idea for me, let me know! I would actually really appreciate that since it’s sometimes difficult to get new ideas on what to write about.
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As of today I’m relaxed after my Mon-Tues weekend that has almost felt like a mini holiday since I don’t go to work till later today. Monday was a very productive day for me. I got lots of cleaning done and went for a power walk with mommy. Tuesday, on the other hand, wasn’t that produtive at all. All I did was waking up, eating breakfast, going back to bed, cooking lunch, eating lunch, watching the Bachelorette while eating some protein ice cream (yes, I’m addicted… to both…), calling my boyfriend while walking to the grocery store to buy more FOOD. Oh my goodness, my life sounds like a very sad story, ha-ha – Not the calling my boyfriend part, but the sleeping and eating part. Tell me I’m not the only one?! Lol.

In all seriousness, like I told you guys in my latest post, I do enjoy my alone time, but alone time, since I can’t workout, does feel a bit lonely sometimes. It’s like my life was somewhat empty. I’m secretly jealous of those who always have someone to hangout with, always have plans for the weekend and always have new stories to tell. I’m not talking about partying, because that’s something I don’t really care for, but any other kinda plans sound good to me.
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I guess I happen to be at the age where life starts getting in the way of making plans. When you have time, your friends don’t have time and whenever your friends have time, you don’t have time and then you just sit around until it’s time for responsibilities again, yay! Sounds familiar to anyone?

No more time for writing though, because I need to get ready for work, but to end this post on a happy note: I just made plans for the up coming weekend! Cheers to that, haha.

Travelling Alone

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Juttelimme muutama pÀivÀ sitten tuttuni kanssa yksin matkustamisesta ja monet ovat kyselleet siitÀ. TÀstÀ inspiroituneena pÀÀtin raapustella muutaman sanasen kyseisestÀ aiheesta tÀnne blogiinkin. MiltÀ tuntui matkustaa yksin? Oliko kaikki yhtÀ ruusuilla tanssimista vai mahtuiko mukaan hankaluuksia?

ItsehÀn olin reissun pÀÀllÀ yksin vain noin 1,5 viikkoa, mikÀ kuulostaa lyhyeltÀ ajalta, mutta nÀin jÀlkeenpÀin ajateltuna aika tuntuu pitkÀltÀ, sillÀ siihen kuitenkin mahtui kolme minulle uuttaa kaupunkia ja osavaltiota. En varmastikkaan tiedÀ yksin matkustamisesta lÀhellekkÀÀn yhtÀ paljon, kuin ne, ketkÀ ovat reissailleen yksin esim. vuoden, mutta haluan valottaa sitÀ, millainen kokemus itselleni jÀi.
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Ennen lÀhtöÀni monet kehuivat minua rohkeaksi ja kummastelivat, miten uskallan lÀhteÀ yksin. Jopa itse amerikkalaiset hÀmmÀstelivÀt asiaa ÀÀneen moneen otteeseen. Itse en koskaan pitÀnyt sitÀ mitenkÀÀn erityisen rohkeana. Ajattelin, ettÀ menen vain sinne ja otan mitÀ vastaan tulee. Olinhan jo aijemmin matkustanut USA:han vuodeksi asumaan minulle silloin tuntemattomien ihmisten kotiin, joten tÀmÀ ei tuntunut miltÀÀn siihen verrattuna. Tottakai minua hieman jÀnnitti jo etukÀteen, mutta vasta saavuttuani New Yorkiin ajattelin kaiken sen ruuhkan ja hÀrdellin keskellÀ, ettÀ apua, mihinköhÀn olen oikein taas ryhtynyt, haha (sitÀ tööttÀysten mÀÀrÀÀ!! Never seen anything like that.) Onneksi jo heti bussissa matkalla Manhattanille tapasin toisen samanikÀisen tytön, joka oli syntynyt Los Angelesissa, mutta asunut lÀhes koko ikÀnsÀ Meksikossa. HÀnkin oli New Yorkin matkalla yksin, joten saimme toisiltamme vÀhÀn vertaistukea.

Minulle ei koskaan ollut vaihtoehto olla lÀhtemÀttÀ. Olin pÀÀttÀnyt, ettÀ lÀhdin sitten yksin tai yhdessÀ, lÀhden heti, kun lomani alkaa ja tulen juuri ennen lomani loppua. NÀin myös tapahtui, enkÀ ole katunut sitÀ hetkeÀkÀÀn.
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Olen todella onnellinen, ettĂ€ pÀÀtin lĂ€hteĂ€ yksin enkĂ€ jĂ€nistĂ€nyt. EnÀÀ ei tulisi mieleenikÀÀn jĂ€ttÀÀ reissua vĂ€liin matkaseuran puutteessa. Yksin ollessani opin lyhyessĂ€ ajassa hurjan paljon, sillĂ€ paljon enemmĂ€n piti tehdĂ€ ja jĂ€rjestÀÀ itse. Lennot ja majoituksen New Yorkkiin ja Las Vegasiin olin varannut jo Suomessa ollessani, mutta varaillessani lentoa ja majoitusta Los Angelesiin (Vegasista) tajusin todella, ettĂ€ jos en olisi saanut niitĂ€ jostain syystĂ€ varattua, minulla ei yksinkertaisesti olisi ollut lentoa eikĂ€ majoitusta.  Sama koski lentoani Houstoniin. TĂ€hĂ€n vĂ€liin voisinkin kertoa, kuinka poikaystĂ€vĂ€ni ihmetteli suunnattomasti sitĂ€, miten olin selvinnyt koko reissun yksin viimeiseen pÀÀmÀÀrÀÀni, Dallasiin saakka, sillĂ€ kun olin varaamassa paluulentoa Dallasista takaisin New Yorkkiin olin vanhasta tottumuksesta valinnut lĂ€htöpaikakseni Houstonin….. Onneksi en ollut vielĂ€ ehtinyt varata lentoa ennen, kun hĂ€n huomasin ”pikku” virheeni.

Matkalla minulla oli jatkuvasti ongelmia luottokorttini kanssa. VÀlillÀ se ei toiminut, vaikka kaiken jÀrjen mukaan olisi pitÀnyt? TÀhÀn liittyen tulikin soitettua muutamat itkupuhelut Suomeen. En jostain syystÀ kyennyt edes nostamaan kyseisellÀ kortilla automaatista rahaa, mikÀ turhautti ja pelotti, sillÀ olin yksin matkassa eikÀ ollut ketÀÀn, keneltÀ olisin voinut hÀtÀtapauksessa lainata rahaa. Onneksi kuitenkin löysin sattumalta lompakosta vanhan pankkikorttini, joka toimi edelleen moitteettomasti ja pystyinkin kÀyttÀmÀÀn sitÀ loppumatkan! Suosittelen siis aina ottamaan kaksi korttia mukaan, jotta edes toinen toimii, jos toinen sattuu olemaan viallinen.

Oli kiva olla itsenÀinen ja yksin ollessa tutustui helpommin uusiin ihmisiin, mutta vÀlillÀ tunsin oloni yksinÀiseksi. Aina kun nÀin jotain hienoa, olisin halunnut jakaa sen jonkun kanssa. Nyt jouduin vain tyytymÀÀn ottamaan kuvan Instagramiin, jotta sain jakaa kokemuksiani, mutta eihÀn se nyt ole lÀhellekkÀÀn sama asia kuin, ettÀ joku olisi oikeasti ollut kanssani fiilistelemÀssÀ niitÀ upeita paikkoja ja nÀhtÀvyyksiÀ.
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Vegasissa hotellihuoneeni oli suuri ja siellĂ€ oli kaksi valtavaa parisĂ€nkyĂ€. Äitini sanoin: ”SinnehĂ€n olisi mahtunut meidĂ€n koko perhe!” Niin, mutta minĂ€ olin siellĂ€ yksin. Myös Losissa minulla oli kokonainen asunto kĂ€ytössĂ€ni, mikĂ€ sekin tuntui ihan ylenpalttiselta! EhkĂ€ myös vĂ€hĂ€n kolkolta. Olen sellainen ihminen, joka ehdottomasti tarvitsee myös omaa aikaa ja osaan nauttia yksinolosta, mutta nyt sitĂ€ oli ehkĂ€ hitusen liikaa. Texasiin mennessĂ€ni olinkin ihan innoissani, kun ei enÀÀ tarvinnut olla vain itsekseni.

Yksin ollessani en juurikaan liikkunut kaupungilla yksin pimeÀllÀ, sillÀ tunsin oloni turvattomaksi. EhkÀ olen jopa vÀhÀn vainoharhainen luettuani liikaa lehtijuttuja siitÀ, mitÀ maailmalla (myös Suomessa) tapahtuu, mutta better safe than sorry, right? TÀmÀ ehkÀ vÀhÀn jÀi harmittamaan, sillÀ olisin halunnut nÀhdÀ yölliset valot ainakin New Yorkissa muutenkin, kun hotellihuoneeni ikkunasta, mutta toisaalta, en oikeastaan kadu mitÀÀn, sillÀ tiedÀn, ettÀ tulen vierailemaan nÀissÀ paikoissa vielÀ uudelleen. Paljon muitakin asioita jÀi nÀkemÀttÀ vÀhÀisen ajan vuoksi, joten uusintakierros tulee todellakin tarpeeseen.
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Ehdottomasti yksi yksin matkaamisen hyvistÀ puolista oli se, ettÀ sai itse mÀÀrÀtÀ tahdin ja suunnan. Ei tarvetta kompromisseille, ei eriÀviÀ mielipiteitÀ. Kuten olen jo tÀÀllÀ blogissa aikaisemminkin sanonut; suunnitelmani olivat loppuun asti enemmÀn tai vÀhemmÀn epÀselvÀt ja alkuperÀisen suunnitelman mukaan minun piti matkustaa vain New Yorkkiin sekÀ Texasiin, joten oli parempi, ettei kukaan tullut mukaani New Yorkkiin, sillÀ muuten olisin tuntenut syyllisyyttÀ jÀttÀessÀni matkaseuralaiseni matkustaessani Texasiin yksin.

Koen saaneeni tÀstÀ reissusta entistÀ enemmÀn rohkeutta ja uskallusta hypÀtÀ tuntemattomaan. MielestÀni jotain tÀllaista jokaisen olisi hyvÀ kokea ainakin kerran elÀmÀssÀÀn, sillÀ siinÀ tulee todennÀköisesti asetettua itsensÀ oman comfort zonen ulkopuolelle kerran jos toisenkin.

Kaiken kaikkiaan: Harvoinhan mikÀÀn sujuu tÀysin ilman ongelmia tai muuttuvia tekijöitÀ, niin kuin ei tÀmÀkÀÀn reissu, ja tÀssÀ postauksessa tuli ehkÀ korostettua vÀhÀn liikaa yksin matkustamisen huonoja puolia, mutta niistÀkin huolimatta olen matkaani kokonaisuutena enemmÀn kuin tyytyvÀinen ja olen todella iloinen, ettÀ lÀhdin yksin, sillÀ se oli hyvin ainutlaatuinen ja opettavainen kokemus. Ensi kerralla on toivottavasti seuraakin mukana, mutta voisin hyvin matkustaa yksin uudelleenkin!