In This World You Have To Be Everything

…Yes be everything. Even if you don’t want to be. Or at least you have to find a way to prove you’re great without it. Be the perfect student in the perfect school, be the perfect mom with the perfect family in the perfect little home, the 24/7 perfect girlfriend or boyfriend, have the perfect body that fits perfectly in the little box of what the society thinks is perfect. Be the perfect employee moving up all the time, be the perfect human being living the perfect life. And if you’re not (or at least it doesn’t seem like it to others) I’m sorry honey… You are screwed.
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Screwed, because this world today, doesn’t understand that not everyone wants to be ”perfect”. And by perfect I mean what most people consider perfect. The word perfect means so many different things to different people. You may pity someone who cleans as their job, but have you ever asked them if they are happy? How they feel about it? Because to them it may just be the perfect job. You may wonder what’s going on with your neighbour since he/she clearly has gained some weight. ”They must be miserable, maybe something has happened to make them eat more than they should, have they looked in the mirror here lately…?” you think to yourself, but has the thought of them actually being comfortable in their skin ever crossed your mind? Maybe they just decided to loosen up a little bit, realized that you don’t have to stress about every bite and you can still be happy – better yet, even happier.
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At the beginning of this post I said ”Or at least you have to find a way to prove you’re great without it.” What did I mean by that? Let me tell you… Let’s say you don’t have that ”perfect” job. You have to make that up in other areas of life. You have to prove that you may not have the perfect job and get paid the most BUT you’re the perfect mom, so that everyone starts paying more attention to your parenting skills rather than your career.
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But who do we actually need to prove anything to? Isn’t it good enough that we feel happy with our OWN LIVES. Who cares if someone else has an issue with your life or choices. (That even sounds funny when you say it outloud.) Be you, make your choices, with your life. Now, I think it’s clear enough that we all have some rules and laws to follow, so it’s not like I’m telling everyone to robber a bank, but you got my point right?

Make your life perfect for you.


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