Thoughts on Social Media

I have always loved to share my life on social media, especially on Instagram. That’s my thing, my hobby, such as photographing and writing. Instagram can be both of those two combined. Sometimes I share a picture with a caption which may or may not be personal to me. Sometimes I only post a picture if I don’t happen to be in the mood for sharing anything deeper than that.

My pictures are all about normal things like food, nice views, nature in general, my boyfriend, just me etc. So nothing shocking can be found there. However, a few days ago something hit me and I began to wonder if I actually still share too much or too often.
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It’s weird that someone can just go through your social media and know a lot about you and your life just based on that. It’s weird when you hear that someone you barely know has asked something you find very personal from your friend. I know people tend to be curious, I’m curious as well, but I guess I just never thought anyone would be curious about me.

For example, I used to share a lot of pictures of my boyfriend and my relationship in general and I still kinda do, because I mean, even though he lives across the world, he has always been a big part of my life so to me it would be weird if I never posted anything about him since I post so often. However, I don’t want people to be able to read my social media like an open book and that’s why before the last time I have seen him I for a long time considered if I even want to post pictures of us anymore. Like I said it would be weird to me if I never posted pics of him so after all I ended up sharing pictures of us, but it no longer was something I took for granted. This time I really had to give thought to it.
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I’m not writing this because I’m hurt or upset about something and this is not just my way to tell everyone to mind their own business, because we all have hard time minding our own business sometimes, don’t we? It just basically is something I have been thinking about here lately and I wanted to share my thoughts with y’all. Also, the matter of how much we want to share ourselves on social media really is something we all should every now and then give thought to. Because like we all know; once you post something online, it can stay there forever.

One thought on “Thoughts on Social Media

  1. Hi Cecilia,

    some people like to share, but some people like to read about others lives. I don’t like to judge in life, but sometimes it’s better to be cautious with the things we publish,right. The world is dangerous place 🙂


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