The Granny Life Talk

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The city of Tampere seems to be full of young festival people this weekend. Am I the only one who is not a huge music festival fan?! I feel like I have always been a bit different from others since I don’t tend to fill my calendar up with different festival dates during summer time. I’d thousand times rather choose a cozy evening at home or even a work evening than partying among bunch of drunk people. Here’s a fun fact about me: I have never really been in a night club or a bar. I turned 18 as I was an exchange student in Texas and like we all know in the USA one is not allowed to drink before turning 21. So no alcohol for me which was perfectly fine with me since I don’t care for it too much anyways. Even after my exchange year there has’t come a day when I would have wanted to go to a club so in that case, why even go? I usually am about to go to sleep around the time people start their crazy nights out. I know, I sound like a granny, haha. I’m very satisfied with my granny life though, at least with the fact that it includes no hangover and lack of sleep I have too often anyway. Oh my goodness, I really was full of joy yesterday morning when I woke up and realized that for the first time for a week I had gotten full eight hours of sleep and I got to say goodbye to the zombie life I had been living for the past week due to not being one of those who fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes and having to wake up early in the mornings. However, even the granny needs some craziness in her life every now and then and I gotta say that those 2 am iHOP dates with him this summer were one of the best memories I got on my trip to the USA this summer.

Next week will be all about working so now I’m just waiting for this up coming weekend just so I get to relax at home and do nothing! Have a great weekend peeps 🎉


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