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Happy Fri… Oh wait… It’s actually kinda Wednesday-ish for me, since I work over the weekend. Today we said goodbye (not forever!!) to one of the best work buddies ever! Not an easy task to do and I feel like I don’t even fully realize yet that we won’t be seeing her sunny face everyday anymore, she won’t be there to play all the Finnish songs I’m tired of hearing or telling me how much she’s craving for something yummy to eat or making that funny sneaky smile which always made me laugh… One of the best things about her is that she’s always truly happy for others and now I’m happy for her. I feel so lucky to have the best people to work with. One of the best of the best is gone now which does make me feel super empty. I’m thankful for the memories I got to share with her though; all the crazy laughs and silly moments as well as the bad days when we always found a way to cheer each other up. Now she has new adventures ahead and I wish her all the best! Hope to see you soon Kartsu!💕

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