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I thought I’d just simply write something about my life these days. I have told you guys about my lonely moments, but my life has not been just that at all. Actually for the past few weeks it’s been a bit more difficult to get myself up from the bed in the mornings because of the increasing darkness here in Finland, but other than that everything’s been great! I’ve been feeling good about the everyday life. Work has been fun and so has my free time. Next up is a little longer weekend than normally which I’m so excited about since me and my friend will be heading to Helsinki. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Cannot wait to visit all the cute cafes around there! I still have a massive travel fever so maybe just basically getting out of town will ease it a little bit. At least I hope so…
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Below I listed some of the best things about the past few weeks:

❤️ Lots of friendly costumers at work and great convos with them. There can never be too many costumers that make my day and hopefully I every now and then make their day as well.

❤️ Up coming Helsinki trip and brunch plans with friends.

❤️ Good ol’ songs which I didn’t even remember exist.

❤️ Not-so-bad weather. I mean it’s been raining, but most of the time when I have gotten off work the sun has come out.

❤️ Evening walks alone and together with mom.

❤️ gluten- and sugar-free cornflakes with oatmilk. I don’t know, it’s just so delicious!

❤️ Just a good mood in general. Without a reason.

❤️ When the house is cold and you get to go under the planket and the cozy and warm with it. Oh, the best feeling ever.

❤️ A kick off cruise we had with the coworkers a couple of weeks ago. (Btw how many times have I said work in this post so far? Lol.)

❤️ A new filter I bought for vscocam! I had gotten bored of the old filter I had been using for a few years now. Something about it just didn’t feel right anymore, but now that I found this new filter my Insta feed is beginning to look like Christmas… Lol no, it’s beginning to look like I want it to look.

❤️ My manager’s overly cute puppy that has paid a couple of visits at work.

❤️ The fact that I could probably go on and on and on with this list and find more good than bad things to say.

How has your life been here lately? Whether it’s been good or bad I’d like to heart about it!
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